ECS 410

Week one: Assessment in the classroom means doing something for the purpose of evaluation. There are many potential reasons a teacher would implement assessment into their class which is why there are an abundance of aims for having assessments. One potential aim for assessing at the beginning of a term or semester would be for diagnostic purposes, as teachers may want an indication of how much prior knowledge on subject material students may have. Assessment may occur throughout a term or semester to evaluate whether students are actually learning what the teacher is instructing, but also for teachers to have an indication on what they may need to allot more time for. Teachers can also use assessment to indicate to themselves whether their lessons are effective or if they need to be altered if a large portion of the class does not understand something after a lesson on it.

Week two: There are lots of reasons for a teacher to assess in the classroom, most of them are student-oriented (as they should be), but there are also a few not so student-oriented reasons for assessing as well. The main reasons- and student-focused reasons- for implementing assessment into classrooms is so students can receive some kind of feedback on how they are progressing throughout a course. Assessments early on in a course can assist students by indicating where they may have areas they need to improve upon and allows for students to make the decision to seek out help before the term is complete. Teacher may also implement assessment for other reasons to benefit students. If group work is assigned and the teacher thinks it would benefit the students being in groups that are at similar levels in their learning, it may be beneficial for teachers to conduct an assessment in order to classify students into groups. One reason that isn’t so student-oriented for teachers to assess is for feedback for themselves. Teachers can often use assessment as not only how well students are learning, but how well teachers are teaching. For example, if a teacher spends 3-4 class periods discussing and practicing Pythagorean’s Theorem, but only 10% of the class demonstrates on an assessment that they understand then there is a possibility that the lessons were ineffective for the class or the assessment doesn’t reflect the practice.

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